Shane is a highly qualified and experienced Business Coach, Executive Coach and Personal Coach with 15 years experience in Coaching. His expertise spans across corporates, businesses, and individuals who reside both locally and internationally. His style is unique with an approach that incorporates a blend of clarity, strategy, action and accountability whilst building an incredible amount of self-awareness and mindset control, which results in absolute conversion of outcomes. 

His uniqueness is obvious as a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), a qualified Coach with a background in Psychology and Treasurer for the Australian Society for Psychological Medicine. For many years Shane has been self-employed as a Coach and prior to this, he gained an extensive corporate background of over 25 years having worked within the banking, accounting and legal professions. His last employed role was as CEO of a professional services legal firm.

Our Focus


We work together with corporates and businesses to develop strategies that link to a clear, and actionable vision. This is all whilst supporting the team to align to a culture of high performance.


We inspire Executives and leaders to develop the skills required to manage a cohesive team and lead with confidence. By working on mindset and communication skills, leaders are able to achieve their leadership goals.


We collaborate with individuals so that they can gain clarity and strengthen their self-awareness, mindset and resilience. Personal coaching will allow you to set goals and intentions so that you can create the best life possible.


We provide opportunities for our community to connect with one another through events and workshops. By creating a space for growth and collaboration, participants are able to transform alongside like-minded individuals.



Results Coach

If you were to combine passion, wisdom and charisma you’d have the brilliant Shane Daniell! Respected and cherished by his clients, Shane is dedicated to achieving his personal mission, which is ‘To reach as many people as possible in his lifetime’. As a Business Coach, Executive Coach and Personal Coach Shane has a profound impact on all of his clients.


Creative Director

Elena is passionate about helping clients and their businesses reach their full potential. Taking her love of marketing and working with people she harnesses her background in Marketing, Law and Commerce to help businesses level up. Whether it is a digital marketing strategy, some brand guidelines or assistance with your Business Strategy, Elena is ready to bring your vision to life.

Shane Daniell
179 Greenhill Rd, Parkside SA 5063
0450 414 822